Top Least Stressful Jobs

Jobs are of varying natures. Some are easy going while others can really be a pain in the neck. The job market these days is quite diverse and of a complex nature. In order to earn a living for oneself one always feels the need to go the extra mile. You might come across a number of people who often complain for the kind of jobs. They are of the view that there are jobs are the toughest of them all. But you also might get in touch with those who do offer no sort of complain for the jobs they do. One reason for this might be that their jobs are not so difficult. So are you one of those people who do easy going works or among those who jobs happen to be of a stressful nature. Despite of the market demands in these times, there are some jobs which are quite easy and you can do them with the minimum levels of stress.

University Professor Or Lecturer

Not just in the US, but also in the non-developed countries, professors are the ones who manage to take most of the goodies. In reality, most of them do not even work for the timing they are bound to. Teaching young people about something you have learn for years and years is never too difficult and neither too stressful. In fact, it can be regarded as the least stressful of all the jobs in 2013 if you are good in the subject you teach. The median payout for this not so tough job is about $ 62,050.

Medical Or Police Records Technician

The medical as well as the police records technicians are paid out in a very effective manner for a job that happens to be quite easy. Their entire work is to search for records when anyone comes to ask for them, otherwise all they would do is to watch a cocky movie and chill out with a can of coke in their hand. Furthermore, the median earnings for the work are about $ 32,350 which is a lot in comparison to the ease of the work.


It might appear bizarre to you on seeing this job at the number 3 spot, but trust me when I say that the job is really a gold mine for most of the people. In fact, if you are able to do some good work, then you would really be able to make a treasure out of it. There are hundreds of tailors in the US and UK who are able to earn even more than most of the doctors. The median payout for the job is about $ 25,850.

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