Internet Made Millionaires

To make money in a easy way internet is the best place. Where you can earn a lot of money in a short time with minimum efforts with out listening the harsh words of your boss. A good idea on internet can change your life. Some people in internet field just started their work with a internet connection and a lap top and now they have become millionaires. Their success is a role model for others.

Mark Zuckerberg

Social websites are too much popular among the people. There are number of social web sites but the website made by Mark Zuckerberg is world’s number one ranked web site. This is facebook. The money earned by Mark Zuckerberg from facebook .In 2009 he earned 6.9 billion dollars. Just imagine how much he has earned yet.

Andrew Gower

In this modern era online gaming is most popular .Andrew Gower avail the opportunity and made a most successful online game Runescape. Andrew Gower is a British game designer. Java gaming experts, Jagex is its company. From this he made 650 million dollars.

Chad Hurley

You Tube a well known and most popular web site.  It is world number 3rd ranked website. The idea of video sharing website became so successful. People are providing the access to share any video on this web site. The idea was simple but it gave a lot to Chad Hurley. This web site made Chad Hurley to millionaire. He has gained 300 million dollars yet.

Blake Ross

You are well known about Mozilla. Blake Ross is the co founder of it. It was his superb creation. Mozilla an internet browser gains so much popularity in a short period of time. He created this browser with number of features. It is also well known as Firefox. Black Ross with his partner Joe Hewitt has earned yet 120 million dollars. It was the great achievement of these guys.

Andrew Michael

Andrew Michael gains the help from web hosting industry where already lost of competition exist. But this guy put his efforts and made web hosting service Fasthosts, it is a UK based company. Can you believe that Andres Michael earned 110 million dollars from this service. This enable him to include in this list.

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