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    Forum rules at


    About Topic Title
    Your topic title should not be confusing so the reader/user can have an idea of what the thread is about.

    About Posting New Topics
    Post must be in English. and You must create new topic in the most appropriate section.

    Do not post the same thread in multiple forums. Find the most relevant forum and post it only once.

    About Duplicate Threads
    Make sure you search the forum first before making a new thread that the same thread is already available is the case you can continue with that thread if its not available you can open a new thread for that topic, website, discussion or services

    About Thread Hijacking
    Do not hijack others' threads. If someone is selling something, do not post in the thread offering to sell the same thing or anything else. only post if you want to buy what that user is selling, and about the seller's services.

    About Creating Multiple BMF Accounts
    Do not create multiple BMF accounts. Sure we ban if any BMF member creating multiple accounts and spaming, after Ban you may request a review of your account. If we do not want to unban you that means you are no longer welcome on BMF. To review your banned account, contact on support[at]

    About Spam
    We have zero-tolerance policy for spammers. Posts advertising a site or a product are considered as spam. Posts with just 'hello', 'hi', 'its good', 'i like it' is also considered spam.

    About Signatures
    Your signature must not be longer than 300 characters and the font must not be bigger than a size 3. Your signature must not promote warez, porn, hate or stolen items. Your signature can be of maximum 3 lines and must not have a banner or graphical image of any kind in it. If you need to put a banner or an image in the signature, there will be a small fee. Contact
    support[at] for details.
    The forum staff has the right to remove any members' signature without any explanation.

    About Plagiarism
    Plagiarism is strictly not allowed.

    Must Be Courteous And Professional
    No name-calling, personal attacks, fighting, racist remarks, making threats or using foul language which includes the F word, 'idiot', 'fool', 'stupid' and other such words. If you do use them, you'll receive an instant ban. No explanations. It does not matter what that person did to you. If you have a complain about someone, contact forum staff

    About Proxy Usage on BMF
    Use of a proxy is strictly NOT allowed on BMF. If we find out that you are using a proxy to login, post or surf on BMF, we will ban you instantly.

    About Things Not Allowed On BMF
    Anything about hacking. Stolen items which includes but is not limited to bank/PayPal logins, credit cards, illegal movie downloads, illegal software downloads, documents, identities etc. If we find you selling anything stolen or hacked, we'll ban you instantly.

    Disrespecting Forum Staff
    There is an instant ban for disrespecting forum staff, This also includes making false accusations and lying to the forum staff for any reason.

    Be careful when giving someone an ID of another member
    If you give someone an EMF administrator's, moderator's or anyone else's ID, MAKE 100% SURE you are giving them the the correct ID. If you are even a little unsure if that is the correct ID, DON'T give it to them. If we find out that you gave someone a false ID, we'll ban you.

    Thread Bumping
    Thread bumping with posts such as "service still available", "still exchanging", "up up up" etc. is not allowed.

    1) E-currency exchanges are dangerous. There's always a risk. If you are exchanging with a well reputed member, that risk is low. If you are exchanging with a newbie or not a reputed member, the risk is high. If you are looking for an absolutely 100% safe exchange, it is not possible. BMF is not liable for any loss you may incur while exchanging on this forum.

    2) PayPal, AlertPay and Moneybookers exchanges pose a risk of chargeback. Ask for at least 72 hours hold when exchanging these e-currencies. Although, this does not guarantee that the other person will not chargeback after 72 hours but it does reduce the chances of it. If you are being asked to show a screenshot of your account status, balance or transaction history, you must do so.

    3) Do not call anyone a scammer without showing authentic proof.


    1: If you are doing an exchange between either Paypal or Alertpay, please take your time and do not rush the exchange. You should allow the other member 48-72 hours to send the money he agreed to exchange in return for your PayPal or AlertPay.

    2: Do not be eager to send the other person their money before 48-72 hours. There is a great chance that they paid you with stolen or hacked funds. If this is the case, the transaction will be reversed.

    Not obey or Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning or a ban. BMF reserves the right to alter/change/remove these rules at any time. It is YOUR responsibility to check back regularly for updates.

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