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    Technical analysis

    Let's start with the EUR/USD pair. Here we see that the pair has updated the annual lows reaching the mark of 1.1365 and is in the corridor between the resistance levels. We expect that the price will stay in this corridor. Technical indicators diverge for now. We advise you to wait for the signal to enter the market.

    We advise you to wait for the signal

    Pound/Dollar. We see the continuation of the downward movement and the renewal of the lows. If the pair manages to gain a foothold below the level of 1.28, the next target will be the level of 1.2650. The MACD and the RSI also point to a sell.

    The next target will be the level of 1.2650

    AUD/USD. This pair is also pointing down. The next psychological mark will be the level of 0.72, from which a price correction is possible.

    Psychological mark will be the level of 0.72

    USD/CAD. The price approached the Moving Average 21. The current level is 1.3085. In case of its overcoming, we expect the move to the level of 1.3030. However, we can get a turn from the Moving Average and the pair might go up, as technical indicators indicate a purchase.

    We expect the move to the level of 1.3030

    Other news you can find on our website:

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    - - - Updated - - -

    The EUR is under pressure due to the situation with the Turkish lira. The deals to BUY seem the most effective in the near future.
    The rates continue within the upward trend. However, its intensity has been lost. Now we can see signs of a weak downtrend formation. Actually, the SGD gradually began to strengthen half a year ago and during this time increased in price by 5%.
    More information see here

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    Can Turkey Avoid a Crisis?

    What the country is doing to prevent a crisis might not be enough.
    Last week we introduced to the currently developing financial issues in Turkey. More specifically, their national currency, the Turkish lira, has been crashing hard against the dollar, losing more than 40% of its value in 2018
    More information see here

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    EUR/USD Technical Analysis &amp; Daily Chart

    The pair will begin a decline again, so we can sell it now.
    Today we would return to the EUR/USD currency pair. It continues to be quite volatile, though it has recovered slightly compared to last Monday.
    In all seriousness, things are not looking too great for the euro right now.
    More information see here

    - - - Updated - - -

    The pair is turning.
    At the moment we are seeing a corrective movement in our pair, as it was reflected from the 1.27 mark and headed up. Right now the pair is staying at the level of 1.2820.
    More information see here

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